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Massage Chair Vending Machine - Vending Massage Chair - Model # UVCMASSAGE

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This is one of the easiest vending opportunities for just about anyone. Vending Massage Chairs are successfully being used in Shopping Malls, Beauty Salons, Nail Boutiques, Casinos, Country Clubs, Health and Fitness Centers, Car Washes, Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, etc. These wonderful vending massage chairs effortlessly make money in any high traffic area. Where will you put yours?

With this commercial massage chair you get 2 Extended Life commercial motors massaging your customers with a full back ranged pre-programmed setting. It replicates the well known benefits of a skilled Shiatsu master in the location of your choice, without flying off to Japan!

Shiatsu massage features offering an automatic massage using kneading, tapping, and rolling throughout the entire back region assisting to put your customer’s body in an ultimate state of bliss.

Easy to Use Bill Acceptor conveniently accepts 1, 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills. You can easily program the amount to charge per minute. Our massage chair is pre-programmed to generate the maximum revenue for your location.

Vibrating seat massage assists with easing tension in glute muscles, hamstrings, upper legs, and lower back regions.

Extra wide massage chair which accommodates all sizes, rather than the standard commercial massage chairs.


Retail Price: $2895
Our Price: $1895.00

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