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Universal Vending Consultants ... Purchase Vending Machines At Wholesale Pricing...
My name is Steven Fuchs. Owner of
Universal Vending Consultants (UVC). In 1991 I opened UVC in hopes of helping individuals, investors and businesses purchase vending machines at wholesale pricing. We have not only accomplished that but we have flourished with a sound business practice and continued support from our customers. If you read below you will see why I opened UVC and what to expect from us. Please read the last section on “Who to Avoid” because it could literally save you thousands of dollars.

My History...
Prior to 1991 I was a Civil / Environmental Engineer working in Houston, Texas. In late 1990, I decided to venture out and look for a way to make a living without having to work for “The Man”. I happen to run across an advertisement for countertop pay phones from a “marketing company” in Florida. I wound up purchasing a package of phones and quickly found out I paid WAY TOO MUCH. At the time, there was no internet to do research and nobody to consult with to help me make an educated decision from whom to purchase from. So I learned the hard way but still found out that this business is very profitable.

Universal Vending Consultants Started in 1991...  Can Save You Thousands of Dollars...
It was early 1991 when I decided to open Universal Vending Consultants (UVC) and help others start their business with the proper information they needed and get their equipment at wholesale pricing. Through hard work and years of building a solid reputation, we have grown and have many happy customers who developed their business to a point of financial independence. Below are some key points that my company can offer you and in the last section below please read “Who to Avoid”. This could literally save you thousands of dollars...

Universal Vending Consultants (UVC) Offers:
• Wholesale Pricing...
• Service. When calling us, you ALWAYS get the same representative for your investment so
   we are familiar with your situation
• A variety of ways to purchase vending equipment; Credit cards, debit cards, checks,
   money orders, bank wires and we even offer financing on most of our vending equipment
• Ongoing support. Got a question? Call us and we will give you the accurate information
   about any vending machine we carry
• Fast delivery time. Usually 7-12 days depending on the machine

Universal Vending Consultants (UVC) Establishes Good Working Relationships with Each of its Customers...
From our beginning in 1991, Universal Vending Consultants has striven to establish a good working relationship with each of its customer to help them create a successful vending business, and has established a good reputation in the vending machine industry.

Who to Avoid...
• Companies that do not accept credit cards
• Companies that only accept payment via cashier’s check or bank wire
• Companies that say they have established routes when in reality they have to be
   established for you. ALWAYS ASK THEM
• Companies that offer” Lifetime Warranties” This usually means “their lifetime”.
• Companies that offer “Theft Protection Warranties” Usually you are paying 2x - 3x
   the amount for a machine anyway so they can afford to offer that
• Companies that sound too good to be true

I Can Help You Avoid Such Companies...
The above items of “Who to Avoid” usually mean they are some sort of “Marketing Company”. These marketing companies are usually a here today, gone tomorrow type of operation that will tell you anything to get your business. They have soiled the reputation of our industry and should be banned altogether. This is how I got started but I persevered and now I can help you avoid such companies.

The "Traveling Road Show" Company Charges 2X To 4X More Than What We Do...
One other type of company to watch out for is the "traveling road show." These are companies that send you invitations in the mail to come to their presentations usually in a hotel ballroom. They show up on a Friday and do 3-6 presentations over the weekend. They hit you with all the good points of the machine they are presenting and then they REALLY hit you in the pocketbook. These companies usually charge anywhere from 2x to 4x more than the amount our company does.

We Offer The Same Products And Support At Wholesale Prices...
Although they are legitimate companies and abide by the law, they have so much overhead, they have to sell at ridiculous prices to cover their costs. I do not see any reason why you, the consumer need to pay for their overhead when you can get the same thing and support at wholesale prices. Remember, it is Buyer Beware!


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